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Steve Holzer

Steve Holzer studied at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) in Architectural and Construction Technology during 1975 - 1976.  In 2003 and 2004 he studied at Eastern University in Management of Information Systems and Organizational Management. 

Steve has led technology implementations in the Homebuilding industry since 1981. Many of those years his role started out as VP of Purchasing and Estimating for production homebuilders building 100 to 700 units per year. Typically, his role evolved into enterprise wide business process development and documentation combined with technology system implementations as the Vice President of Internal Operations. 

In the 1990s, Steve was employed for a time by FAST Management Group assisting production building companies throughout the nation implement their FAST systems. 

Steve developed the web-based HomeM8™ homebuilding system by eM8s™ that he implements for Homebuilding companies as well as guide implementations of other best business practice Homebuilding company technology systems. He helps companies all over the nation realize their potential with successful technology systems. Much of the work is done remotely, regardless of the company location from his base outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Steve also participates in the development of the National Building Information Modeling Standards – United States (NBIMS-US) as a member of the NBIMS-US Project Committee and a member of the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) buildingSMARTalliance (bSa).  He currently serves as Vice Chairperson of the NBIMS-US v3 Market Education Committee.

Steve currently serves on the Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) committee of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  During 2012 and at the International Builder Show in 2013 Steve facilitated the passage of an NAHB resolution recognizing the National BIM Standard US.
Recently Steve presented at the NAHB National Green Building Conference and Expo in Nashville, TN.  He has also contributed articles to the NAHB BizTools Business of Building eSource newsletter. 

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